New name, new location


It’s official! I’ve moved. Several things led to my decision to move from Portland Peeps over on blogspot. I wanted to have my own dot com address so there’s room to evolve and grow, and I wanted to be an official food blogger. Portland Peeps started out as a place to discuss chicken keeping, but as I began to place more focus on food, the title no longer seemed like a good fit. Keeping chickens is still one of the ways I feel I have a little control over the quality of ingredients that go into my basic recipes, besides the fact that they’re very entertaining to have around. But they are only a part of a larger equation. Making decisions about what and how we eat has a large effect on our lives, and I look forward to sharing some of the delicious combinations of ingredients I discover with you.

Something else happened recently that brought me to this change. I fell head over heels in love with food photography. I’m finding it challenging and rewarding in ways I never expected. It is here at The Decisive Cook that I plan to feed this passion. I will be sharing with you all things culinary, which at times may include chicken keeping, growing some of your own food, and incorporating plenty of simple, healthy ingredients into everyday meals.

Thank you for following along on my new adventure!


7 thoughts on “New name, new location

  1. My cousin Mitch sent me here. I will look forward to watching your blog and enjoying some of your recipes. 🙂 Cooking and photos are fun! Especially if there are chickens in the mix! Maybe you will check out my blog…I do some of those things too!

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