Hello there, friends! I didn’t mean to be gone so long. I know you understand how life gets really busy, and it’s hard to find time to do all the things we want to do amongst all the things we have to do. Our kitchen remodeling is complete with the exceptions of adding a backsplash, sewing bench cushions and finding the right rug. Beyond cooking/baking, I’m taking a short break from projects in there momentarily. I’m sure by fall I’ll feel the need to finish up these loose ends though.

Then there’s this project:


While Craig’s List shopping for a small freezer, I found this darling table (that I forgot to take a picture of before I began refinishing). Even though it was covered in white latex paint, for $35 it was too good to pass up. I’d heard about Annie Sloan chalk paint from a friend, and I’ve been wanting to try it. It’s true you can paint right over almost anything with this paint, but this thickly covered table needed to have more definition of edges and curves than I would get by painting over its old layers. So I purchased a heat gun (also through Craig’s List), and began the long, arduous process. What I discovered under that first layer was not pleasant… purple and green very sticky, glue-like gunk that didn’t bubble and peel off, but melted and coated the wood when heated. Hours of sanding later, I had a pretty good surface. I covered the top in Old White with a bit of Louis Blue around the edges, the legs in Louis Blue, added some flour sack stripes to the top, and two coats of clear wax. More hours were spent that I care to admit, but I’m pretty happy with it. I’m thinking it will be my photo table. The sides pull out, which is nice for holding props during shoots.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


These stripes were really fun to do! I was tempted to freehand a stripe in the preexisting groove, but I’m so glad I took the extra steps to make it look pro.